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Fair Access Missouri's Adult-Use Cannabis Initiative is approved to circulate by the Missouri Secretary of State. Help us pass this equitable constitutional amendment by signing the petition, donating to the campaign, volunteering to collect signatures, and spreading the word.

Read more about what the Initiative will accomplish. Download the Initiative here.

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Cannabis regulated like alcohol

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Open market + low taxes put consumers first

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Low barriers to market = more entrepreneurship


At-A-Glance Initiative Highlights

Adult-Use Cannabis (Proposed Section 2, Amendment XIV)

Possession – Eight ounces (8 oz) of cannabis flower. Twenty-eight grams (28 g) of resin/extract. Four thousand milligrams (4,000 mg) of cannabis-infused products.

Personal Cultivation – Twenty-five square feet (25 sq. ft.) of flowering canopy. No fee or ID card needed.

Expungement – Past marijuana convictions can be expunged. Incarcerated individuals may file for release from custody.  Expungement will erase any criminal marijuana arrest, charge, and conviction from the public record for the same cost as the filing fee for Small Claims Court.

Compassionate Care Program – Cannabis may be distributed free of charge to qualified patients or caregivers through the Compassionate Care Program.

Administration – Missouri's Division of Alcohol & Tobacco within the Missouri Department of Safety will administer the adult-use cannabis program.

Adult-Use Cannabis Tax – Seven and one-half percent (7.5%) tax.  No wholesale tax will be collected.

Probable Cause – The smell of cannabis is not a probable cause to detain or search a person, impound or search a vehicle, enter a residence, or other property of a consumer.

Missouri Cannabis Law – Any Missouri law that criminalizes the possession, delivery, or distribution of cannabis in an amount less than two times the legal limit are declared null and void.

Adult-Use Commercial Licenses (Proposed Section 2, Amendment XIV)

Commercial Licenses – Unlimited licenses may be obtained for each type of adult-use cannabis facility including retail sales, cultivation, and cannabis product manufacturing.

License Fees – $2,500 per facility. Multiple licenses allowed per facility.

Reduced License Fees – $1,000 for qualified individuals including any applicant previously denied a medical marijuana license because of an application score.

Testing & Transportation Certifications –  $1,000 per certification for a testing or transportation facility.

New Hospitality Facility Certification – $1,000 per commercial facility certification to allow the consumption of cannabis, alcoholic beverages, or food on premises.

Medical Marijuana (Modifications to Section 1, Amendment XIV)

Medical Marijuana Personal Cultivation – 50 sq ft. of unlimited flowering plants. $25/year.

Patient and Caregiver Cultivation Possession – Possession of up to a one year supply of harvested cannabis stored in a secured, locked area.

Shared Patient & Caregiver Cultivation – 500 sq. ft. total plant canopy of shared cultivation space for multiple caregivers and patients with no plant limit.

Taxation and Reporting – The Department of Health and Senior Services is limited to retaining only 20% of net revenues for operation. Department revenues will no longer be reduced or diverted away from the Missouri Veterans' Health and Care Fund for legal issues.

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