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Our Proposal

A Better Way: The Fair Access Missouri Plan

The Fair Access Missouri Proposal

Missouri voters strongly supported medical marijuana at the ballot box in 2018 and overwhelmingly support the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

Missouri's current medical marijuana policies are flawed in design and have been poorly implemented. Entrenched special interests who helped pass the 2018 ballot measure want to continue their unfair monopoly, but the Fair Access Plan is better for Missouri.

A Better Plan

  • Cannabis will be regulated the same as every legal business in Missouri;
  • Missouri entrepreneurs will have fair access to the market with equitable licensing and low barriers to entry. That's good for our economy and good for consumers;
  • Low taxes will keep Missourians' dollars at home as other states expand markets.

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  • More jobs and a stronger economy with an open, equitable and regulated market;
  • Reasonable regulations from the state agencies experienced in providing similar oversight for alcohol products;
  • Freedom for those currently incarcerated due to non-violent marijuana offenses
  • Protections for family members regarding marijuana use;
  • Sufficient quantities of medical marijuana at reasonable prices for patients; and
  • Education related to marijuana, marijuana use, and dependency.

Our Initiative Petitions

Fair Access Missouri’s initiative petitions have been accepted by the Missouri Secretary of State. You may view these documents by downloading each of the PDF documents with the links provided below. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view the documents and is available here: Adobe Acrobat



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