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Bringing a more equitable adult-use cannabis industry to Missouri.

The Fair Access Missouri (FAM) Ballot Initiative is hitting a reset for Missouri. We have laid the groundwork for a new, more equitable adult-use cannabis industry in Missouri. We need your participation. We need your support and we need your dollars.

Our ballot initiative will fix the troubling licensing issues that exist in our restrictive medical marijuana law. We’ll deliver on the promise of an open and fair market for cannabis businesses. We'll lower medical marijuana patients' consumer prices by increasing product availability. We’ll grant the right of restorative justice in the form of incarceration release and records expungement for the non-violent victims of Missouri’s marijuana laws. Your donations will change Missouri for the better.

FAM Dollars


FAM is running a professional campaign with a campaign manager, support staff, legal, marketing, and public relations professionals. Your donation will help us succeed like no other campaign has done before.

FAM Signatures


We need both volunteer and paid signature gatherers. Donations are needed to pay for signature verification. You'll be helping a true grassroots coalition, not existing licensees looking for unpaid help. Consider donating today.

FAM Promotions


We need to get the word out to educate voters, promote our IP, plan events, and defend against legal and disinformation challenges. We can spread the word to every voter with your donation.


An entrenched monopoly of business interests does not want us to succeed. They want to continue the status quo with a restrictive adult-use cannabis law. You can be the change to take Missouri to the next level for our cannabis economy. It’s an expensive and time-consuming task to put an IP on the ballot in Missouri. The costs are high, but your rewards are much greater.

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A new fair-market IP is guaranteed to make waves for the status quo. Join us as a sponsor and you’ll gain media traction with a core group of activists, movers and shakers, and the entire Missouri cannabis community with your support.

Sponsors will be able to showcase products, promote their brand, and stake a claim in the new Missouri adult-use cannabis economy by sponsoring the Fair Access Missouri ballot initiative. Contact us at [email protected] for an information packet describing the benefits of sponsorship.

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